FourFold: Setting: Creation

So here is the starting point for this new experiment in writing, I’m going to do a small series of snippets on settings, characters, and chunks of time line for fourfold.  This snippet is a work in progress and will probably periodically update.

The reason for Magic

In the springtime of the cosmos the worlds spun into being from the life force of the infinite. As the worlds finished forming the remaining life force became aware and unified. This unified being loved the planets that had been born from it but was plagued by doubt. It could not understand why it was that the place it had been, winter the being called it, had ended and why things were now in something it called spring.

It attempted to talk to the planets to see if they knew but their billions of responses were so overwhelming it couldn’t understand. It attempted to go to them each in turn, but as it was everywhere at once it could not. So to better understand, it separated it self into smaller parts. These parts, which thought of themselves as galaxies, were linked to each other, sharing experiences of different areas with each other but able to focus on a certain area of the space they called the universe after their forebear. As a whole, they would learn from the planets each in turn and be able to answer the question.

But even the galaxies who could focus on one area couldn’t understand all the planets near them at once. So the galaxies decided that they would have to break into smaller pieces still, to be able to converse with an even smaller number of planets. These newly created pieces, though smaller, still thought of themselves as galaxies since they still walked and conversed with a number of planets.

For a long time this was the norm. The smaller galaxies working together created a mind that was everywhere and yet only in one place at a time. The universe, though its pieces could talk to the planets and the planets could talk to the universe. After a time however, one galaxy thought that the universal understanding was still lacking in its ability to understand since the question remained unanswered. And as the doubt propagated through the universe the galaxies came to an agreement and they divided as their ancestors had.

Each divided until there was one piece for each planet. These new pieces, so far removed from the universal whole, felt it proper to identify as something new and they called themselves gods. Each god decided on a name for themselves and for the first time the universe experienced all of the billions of planets one at a time.

But it still didn’t understand.

Even the gods, working hand in hand with the planets couldn’t figure out why it was that winter had ended and spring had begun. Some planets decided that what better way to figure it out than to make winter end again and see what happened. These planets worked with their gods and across the universe winters ended and springs began.

From these new springs came new creatures that were born of the planet, each unique and as complex as the planets that had spawned them. One god, Arcanna, noticed the creatures were unaware of the gods above them and suddenly she had the answer. The reason was simple really; winter had ended because it had been made to. There was something that made spring come and winter end. This in turn meant also that the spring would end eventually, and that something new and wonderful would come after it.

No one would listen to her though, for to have found the answer would mean their existence was no longer necessity. For you see, as they had become more and more separate the pieces of the universe had lost sight of their purpose as a universe and each piece now held not only its own ideas about how the universe worked but its own identity and sense of purpose.

Arcanna decided that she would need absolute proof to convince the other gods and she hatched a plan. She would become a part of the planet she walked with. She would gift the creatures of her planet with her awareness and allow them to realize the layer above them. She would walk with them on the planet and help them to notice the passing spring and hopefully learn how to see the layer above her to know what was made the winter end.

And so Arcanna descended from the heavens and landed on her planet. So vast was her being however that ground cracked, splitting the land and the oceans poured in. Realizing her error, Arcanna spread herself out and blanketed the planet in her embrace.

From on high she watched as spring came and went into that marvelous new state she had decided to call summer. From summer the planet faded, until winter came again. But instead of simply stopping and fading away the creatures kept on going, living through the winter and surviving until the spring came again.

Was this what had happened? Was it just that the universe had passed through winter like everything else seemed to? Arcanna decided she would have to take another step to make her plan succeed.

She sank herself down into the earth, down towards the planets heart. Once there she reached out and touched the planet. For a single breath of the universe they were one and in that moment awareness seeped into the creatures of the planet. Arcanna could feel every single life on the planet; feel their memories, their experiences. Suddenly why winter had ended seemed like such a trifle in comparison to the myriad of thoughts, ideas and feelings that life had.

Arcanna knew then that she had been right, that winter had ended because it was supposed to. She was going to leave and take the experiences that would convince the other gods when she heard a voice pleading with her not to leave.

It was a man, a man whose presence felt much similar to her own. She inquired as to why she should be beholden to a single creatures wants. The man stated that if she left the world would lose its color and whither. Arcanna assured him this was not so but the man was insistent. He bid her to walk on the planet and see the world she had influenced merely with her presence. With a resigned sigh Arcanna agreed.

They traveled for many weeks, going to places, meeting other creatures of the planet, each bearing a similar feeling to herself. When Arcanna asked why it was so, the man replied ‘because you are part of us, as you are part of the planet.’

For Arcanna the universe seemed to tilt and the veil parted. A being beyond her as she was the creatures of her planet stood next to as she stood on the edge of a great sea full of stars. The being next to her didn’t say anything as they watched the sea of universes move but she could feel a congratulatory aura around it. Arcanna went ask why and the whole of the place vanished back behind the veil.

She however had gotten the answer without any words.  You are on the right track, my Daughter, I just wanted you to know that. Tears rolled down the goddesses face as she felt happiness beyond anything she had ever known. She turned to the man and swore that she would never leave the planet; that her place was here…

This was the first few pages of history in the world of FourFold, of how the goddess Arcanna came to be a part of the planet and gave magic to everyone by her connection to them.

Sadly, in this day and age, the goddess has long since vanished from the forefront of people’s minds, dismissed as a myth or an ancient story. Most assume that magic just is, like breathing. Yet, the connection grows stronger. As each person uses magic, they trade memories with Arcanna. There are still some who are somewhat aware of her, calling her presence the Flow.

However there are two who know of her in a concrete sense: Lysander, son of Kyver  and Mortavia Rex. But the reasons behind that are for another time.


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