Screw the internet, give me books. Or better yet words

So, did this thing for my English classes final essay felt it appropritate to share. Enjoy, even if it isa bit dry.


As far as I can tell right now, my net footprint would probably consist of the writing I’ve posted to various user groups for amateur writers. I post regularly to a few sites and know some people there that I talk to on a regular basis. So those conversations and the ideas exchanged therein would probably persevere as well. There’s also my blog where I work to describe the world and characters I’m writing about. Oh, and that Facebook thing… I feel that those things are what will be part of what people look back on and know me by; so long as the servers don’t go down.

That’s the real thing, if Facebook, or what have you, goes down in the future and the servers turned off for all time, how much would be lost? How many thousands of pictures, thoughts and such else would simply vanish into the ether never to be viewed by anyone again?

The cynic in me says that sounds great, flush all the idiocy and bigotry that has proliferated through out the web thanks to the mask on anonymity. I know however that in the purge, real glimmers of brilliance would be lost. An entire generation of Art, music and literature would just vanish from the face of the earth.

I know this is supposed to be about my net footprint, but I think in the spirit of dystopian discussion that I refute the existence of such a footprint in one hundred years. I aspire to more than just being the residue of the left over internet as technology marches on over its fallen and broken body. I want my thoughts and ideas to be more than just bits of ineffectual blips of electricity. I want my footprint to be in books; printed hard copies. Books persevere over all, even in today’s world where more and more goes digital the book maintains its relevance.

The good stuff from the net gets published, pulled out of the dirty wash that is circulated through the tubes and immortalized in one form or another. The rest just sort of piles up until there’s too much of it and it collapses under its own weight. I’ve watched quite a number of user groups rise and fall simply because of over saturation in their community.

Its really the same though when I think about it, as how every other age rises and falls. We don’t have every piece of art drawn in the renaissance. We have even less from the time before the dark ages. So much of it has passed through words and myth that it can’t even be contained by books anymore. In this way the net and word of mouth are sort of the same, neither have any real touchable substance but they both permeate a culture.

So who knows, maybe nothing bad or catastrophic will happen. Facebook, DeviantArt, and the thousands of other communities like them will make the jump to neo-digital just fine. If that’s the case I hope by then I’m good enough at writing to at least have something worth looking at up there to balance all the rest of the things that have my, or my aliases, names attached to that might not be the most exemplary.


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. When you said essay I expected it to be longer, but oh well…I think there are some really good points that you should expand upon in here.

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