A new concept approaches, or How do I come up with this stuff?

As you may know, I’m working on a short story retelling of the Jekyll/Hyde archetype. That’s not really all that inventive, we’re all aware of the fear that our inner selves could take over, but I’d like to think the premise I’ve laid over top might be something new. I’m worried it might be a bit too far into “fetish” but it isn’t like every other monster myth hasn’t been white washed with sex appeal at this point. So why not Hyde?

Just to be safe, the premise is after the break. You’ve been warned.

I’m telling the story from the POV of one Dr. Mai Xing who works as a bio-chemist with a company trying to create cattle that produce lactose free milk. Yeah, I know, the ethics are a bit dodgy, stick with me. Thanks to the all too common trope of a ‘lab accident’ she’s exposed to the first batch of milk and becomes affected by the same mutagen used to re-engineer the cows. This is where I bend the rules with some pseudo-science, but that’s the fun of Sci-Fi. Her body begins to mutate, taking on the genetic markers from Soy Beans. I’m sure you can guess some of the changes, but the one I care most about are the alterations to her metabolism.

Why her metabolism? Well, honestly its a question I’ve always had in regards to Poison Ivy or Swamp Thing. Do they heal from injury differently? Does Ivy ever get hungry? Does Swamp thing tingle in the sunlight? In trying to explore answers I ended up here.

So why Hyde then? Well, there’s nothing more foreign than a plant when it comes the biology of humans. Its a completely different metabolic process so instead of the good/evil axis, I’m switching on the producer/consumer axis. Which, when you consider the fact that the main character is a Scientist, makes for an interesting inversion of world view.

Anyway, I suppose that was a bit of an odd anecdote. Thanks for reading though!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. You said “I’m sure you can guess some of the changes.” I can’t guess any of them, unless she is green.

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