[Daily Sketch] Feb – 01

Figured I would reblog my art posts since these pertain to story work. Not that anyone here isn’t following Successful With Errors

Successful with Errors

Did some revisions on Soyentific Method today and completely changed the character –that’s how it goes sometimes, but now the story as a whole is much healthier and works on more levels.

This here was Mai Xing (now Avani Patel) after her first exposure to the mutagen. Did a quick sketch mostly to center and refocus on the story now that I have a more solid protagonist and a reason for why the changes manifest the way they do. While sketching I tried to also sketch in a back story. What follows is her bio and appearance as of the opening of the second part.

  • 5’6″
  • 167lbs.
  • Buxom — due to the effects of the mutagen, but otherwise Athletic
  • Light brown skin with a hint of green
  • Black hair with a green sheen
  • Born to parents who immigrated to America, Avani grew up in San Fransisco. Intensely curious about the…

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