[Daily Sketch] Feb 03

More concept stuff for Soyentific Method

Successful with Errors

Avani’s Hyde form.

A rough sketch I did today while trying to figure out how to go monstrous while still human. Keeping with the idea of being part plant, I decided the best route were other “branches”, in this case arms. The second pair are totally green, along with the hands and forearms of her original arms, her feet, and her ankles. Her physque is now along the lines of “DC/Marvel Heroine.” I’m actually pretty happy with how the lower torso came out, that area of the body is a big challenge for me.

Now for the real task of getting the last scene written and sending it off to my mentor. I’ve got five days, so expect to maybe even see more concept art as I refine the idea.

Sorry for there not being any comic. While I had a script idea, it just didn’t pan out and the…

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