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So Lyte put up a thread yesterday, and I gave some input. Not surprisingly it wasn’t responded to, the thread was already over twenty pages when I posted and is now nearing 70 pages.  So instead of trying to get attention that way, I’ll write a blog post where I can flesh out my ideas more.

First off, the question: 1) If you could add one feature into the game that addresses player behavior, what would it be?

My answer: Information on the players you are playing with in the champ select lobby and by extension a method to populate that information.

For the population part, what I was thinking was being able to up/down vote players at the end game screen. An upvote would give them One karma on that champion specifically and One karma in the role that champion was playing. Downvoting a player would do the inverse, lowering both role karma and champion karma.

As for the information, how would it be displayed? Well, in champ select currently, things look like this:

Current Champ Select Lobby for LoL

As you can see, there’s a place to click on Leona for info about her, but nothing about the summoner who is going to pick her. So I’ve got a proposed addition to the UI:

This player’s stats and karma

There are of course a few hang ups with this. One being that some champions, like Kayle for instance, get played in a number of roles which could complicate the display, but I feel the end game voting would help handle this and its just a question of what the “roles” should be without being defined by the meta. To me, the roles would be:

A Rough UI for Voting

  • AP Carry
  • AD Carry
  • Brusier (Tanky Melee)
  • Assassin (Burst Melee)
  • Tanky Support
  • Tanky Jungle
  • Caster Support
  • Caster Jungle

Aside from a few outlier champions this about covers the main archetypes–it might even have some overlap, but I feel denoting jungler specifically gives a better level of feedback than just Tanky DPS, its just something you can’t get away from, even you wanted to avoid meta.  The drop down however does allow for any champ to play one of the eight roles, so I feel that counters the establishment of a strong meta leaning.

I feel this also con tributes to the idea of rewarding good players. If you’re positive at the end of the week or have improved your reputation in a role, maybe you can get an IP reward. For those with concerns about abuse, I would say that the fear of abuse is always greater than the actual amount. Yes, people will down vote players that stomped them, yes players will down vote teammates that flamed them, but the inverse will happen just as much. For every rager, there will be four who upvote; for every disgruntled team mate there will be three who felt someone did well. If your reputation gets inflated by friends, there will be solo q players who don’t think you’re the best AP Carry–and that’s assuming your friend actually think you’re good.

Anyway, thoughts? Suggestions?


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. Reblogged this on Gaming is Life and commented:
    I think this is a neat idea…some kinks need to be straightened out. Please go give him your input!

  2. It is an interesting idea for sure!

  3. This is a very good idea. It may be better in the movie “The Invention of Lying” though. Seems to be based on a generalized honor system. I think there are too many trolls for something like this to be extremely effective. Not sure how/if you’d make it troll proof.

    • Well I had figured that at end of game you get one vote, so while a troll can down vote their target, four to nine others can and usually will down vote the troll.
      The biggest worry for me is four-man premades picking on their random or whole teams down voting the opposing player who carried.

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