[Wednesday Ramblings] Internet Presence

Check out all my RamblingsIt might come as a surprise (or not at all) when I say that by and large I’m a quiet internet goer. I usually don’t comment on things that aren’t posted by friends and aside from this blog, I’m not really broadcasting my opinion or ideas to the internet. That isn’t to say I don’t want to, but most of the time I ask myself if my two cents will really add anything to the discourse–and usually it won’t. Its not like I’m deeply, or even widely, experienced such that my opinion could be useful to someone or be any more valid than theirs. It’s not like I’m a community leader, or even a contributor. Perhaps if I was doing something more than soaking up media, I would feel my reaction to something could be more critical. I think that’s it. I realize that, really, when it comes down to it, I’m just an outside observer with no stake. I’m not even much of a fan really, to be honest.

And, to go on a tangent, I think it has to do with my home situation post-divorce. My parents have very different political and religious beliefs. One side’s not too defensive about it, the other side however, gets all up in arms when a differing opinion is expressed. Needless to say, I quickly got tired of fighting all the time and decided it was easier to just not say anything and move on. Really nerd and internet culture aren’t much different, so its not a big surprise I suppose that I react the same way. Even just then, I didn’t express a strong opinion one way or the other. It was just a simple statement. A Fact. It’s not (really) an opinion–though facts are still debatable based on perception, but that’s a nasty rabbit hole…

Either way, this doesn’t bode well for me attempting to get a community oriented job–where I feel my voice would be acceptable spam–because I don’t have much community presence BECAUSE I don’t want to be dead weight to the community or I don’t feel welcome. Like, whenever I say something opinion wise on the League forums, I’m either trolled or insulted by people who disagree. I’m told my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m not Gold ELO and that some 1.2k scrub couldn’t possibly understand the game as well as a a 2k–and that’s a community I’m involved in. Forget even trying to talk about comics (or to an extent video games) with their communities. That of course begs the question of why I would want a community job then, besides wasn’t I going to be a writer? Well, yes. But I doubt I’ll be making enough to pay for my fancy MFA with my first couple outings and who doesn’t want to get paid to do something they love?

So I guess the question for this week is this: How does one go about being a reasonable internet person and still contribute? Can one contribute if if their knowledge-base isn’t very big?

Anyway, catch ya’ll next week~! Likely a Magic post this Friday.


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. You just have to be willing to throw your two cents out there without being too caught up in the backlash. Especially in the LoL community, there are a lot of pricks who will troll/disregard your opinion. The trick, therefore, is to ignore that kind of stuff to the best of your ability.

    Haters gonna hate.

  2. Basically what Nhan said. You have to stop thinking what you say isn’t worth anything. Even if it isn’t worth much at the time, it is part of a greater narrative that you are currently missing out and and thus will never be established in.

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