[Strongly Jaded Gamer] Where have all the good times gone?

I realized today that with Borderlands 2 out, I’m not really all that excited for the rest of this year’s release calendar (except maybe ‘Sin Creed 3). So I had to ask myself: why? Why am I not excited about being a gamer any more?

My gut response was that games aren’t as exciting any more and not just in the ways you’d expect me to be upset with. Sure, CoD has made it so a shooter just has to have a tacked on campagin to its massive mutliplayer hard-on instead of the other way around, but that’s not the real problem. It’s the moments that are missing.

Like, Nathan Drake’s excting and all with his set piece dramatic moments, but that’s not a game to me. It’s a movie I’m walking through that occasionally slips into the blooper reel. Final Fantasy 13 looks flashy and there’s a few good emotional moments, but none of the characters seem to even care that they’re part of the story–heck, even Squall cared about his involvement more than Lightning ever seems to. Seriously, ask yourself if, at any time in 13, you felt connected to any of the characters. Ask that same question of yourself for 10, 9, 8, or 7 (lets just forget about 11). Ask yourself if another romp with a progressively degenerate Kratos is really worth playing beyond the inital shock value of the kill animations, how will the mechanics have changed in any large part that it makes traversing his already established background worth a full game?

On the other side of the scripted adventure fence, games like Fallout, Dark Souls, and Skyrim do spawn some awesome stories to talk about, but really, if you didn’t have people to talk to about how much of the game would be forgettable? How many of those epic moments came at the expense of the game? How many times did the immersion break because of an unresponsive NPC or the fact that one cave got recycled time and again?

So yeah, I’m not excited because the games that heavily story driven are either so transparent that they’re bland or the cast is so unnoteworthy that I could care less about what happens to them and western RPGs have fallen off since I don’t have people to trade stories with. Diablo 3, something which should have been a shoe in for chances to swap tales of epic badassery, sucked because of bad design and even Borderlands is really only exciting because I have something else to do with Renee besides League, Magic, and discussing books.

I mean maybe its because I don’t have the time I used to, maybe its because I don’t actually talk to people about gaming, but I just don’t feel IT anymore. I don’t find AAA video games interesting. At all. That isn’t to say I’m not excited about the indie hits as they come, but I usually fall into those.

Feel free to comment and tell me why I should be excited!

Anyway, catch you all Monday with a intense coverage of the RtR Prerelease!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. Dishonored seems pretty neat to me…But you also have to realize we have his generation lull…people are trying to save new IPs for new systems…so there isn’t anything coming out. Also, you have changed. You have learned much more about story telling and as such see through the cheap tricks that much of the industry uses(or at least I feel they use). So…we just gotta do our best to change it in the future.

  2. Reblogged this on Gaming is Life and commented:
    I feel that this is a really good discussion to have, particularly as we are in the middle of generations. Do you feel, as a consumer, that we are having things regurgitated a bit to much at us? Or is it okay because we all seem to love it? Or are we living with it for now because we are waiting for the new generation which is bound to bring new things? Or has the industry grown stagnant because there is very little new being brought in at a regular interval(take a look at job postings and you’ll see what I mean)?

  3. Bastion gave me faith in games again. Albeit, it isn’t a AAA title. As well as the Walking Dead series but then again you could argue that they are more interactive story than game.

    • If anything that makes Bastion better, if a small studio could craft such an experience, why can’t the big boys?
      As for the walking dead, yeah, its a very pretty choose your own adventure novel. Which isn’t a bad thing, I miss point and click adventure games.

  4. I feel like I’ve been having this exact same discussion with a lot of people lately. And like Bastion gave maxplatypus hope, Journey did that for me. I’ve never been so genuinely touched by a game…it kind of restored my faith in gaming being an experience. Not a movie you play through. Not just a story. Not a kill-fest with your buddies. But truly an experience.

    I’m right there with you though. I feel like while my love for games hasn’t faded, I’ve become more selective and less impressed overall…and I can’t tell why. Maybe it’s being an adult with a real life job and real life bills and real life responsibilities, I don’t know. But it’s rare for a game to REALLY capture my attention like it used to.

    So I wish I could tell you why to be excited. But sadly, I can’t even tell myself that.
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one pondering this lately.

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