[Magic Mondays] RTR Week 2

MY co,umn about Magic: The GahteringFirst off, sorry there haven’t been any Jaded Gamer posts for the last couple of weeks. I’m still kind of sad about the last one and feel like for now there isn’t much to say that won’t come back to that very same point. I don’t have time to be a gamer in the same way I used to and its upsetting, but okay at the same time. Maybe I’ll reflect on that more this Friday.

Anyway, Magic!

We’re on week two of RTR (the Protour is this weekend!) and my Aggro BR is pretty much done–I need one more Stormkirk Noble and I’ll have replaced all the proxies. My other two decks are shaping up nicely, but I need a boatload a cards for both. Bant aggro control looks like it’ll be fun once I get everything I need for it and Replicate Echoes needs a fair bit of tuning to really get there. Reanimator is starting to look like a thing again with Frites doing so well at the SCG Open, but I think its still got some shaking out to do. I’m fairly certain Zombies will continue to be a thing and it’s very likely this might be a Return to a Jund dominated meta. Though who knows? Boros might tip it back in favor of Naya which is still hurting after the loss of Pod and Simic might push Bant into god zone. One thing’s for certain, RTR makes me excited for GateCrash.

As for the weekend recap, I did okay at FNM with my drafted Bant deck. The PTQ was kind of a loss–my durdling Bant Control consistently lost by a slim margin or stalled until the game ran out. I got there once on the back of Rubbleback Rhino, but couldn’t close out the other five games. I dropped after round two at 0-2-1, but I did get my third Detention Sphere and another Trostani–so at least I got value back.

Not going to do decktechs this week but I am going to play constructed next Friday I think. Hit me up on Cockatrice (MortyKingston) for some games, but otherwise catch you guys on Wednesday when I’ll go over the first wave of cards for my Deck Building game!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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