[Wednesday Ramblings] Cycle 2

Check out all my RamblingsNo you’re not missing the first cycle post, its a reference–albeit a silly one. I just don’t know what to talk about again this week so I’m cycling the blog to see if something better comes up.

I mean, yeah, I finished the first draft of my short story/novella thing, but its still not done. Reading over it today the tone is wildly different from point to point and in trying to tie up the plot I seem to have made more of a knot than a bow. Still, its a complete manuscript which I guess is a big accomplishment. Now to edit, tweak, edit, and tweak some more.

Been sketching, but haven’t been happy with any of the outcomes…gonna keep on it and see what happens.

Patch Season! Path of Exile is going to Open Beta sometime in the next three weeks and League will be patching into Pre-Season 3 sometime in the next week. I’m super excited about how things will play out. I want to get a POE guild set up because the game is best played with 3-5 people in a party. The monsters are just tough enough and you can really spec into a role. If you’re up to playing let me know! I’ll likely be playing my Lightning Dagger Witch because well, DPS is the best ever and between her and Shadow I like where she starts more on the passive tree. (check it out by the way, if you’re an action RPG player…it’ll blow your mind).

As for LOL, I’m really excited to see what the changes will bring. The items alone are guaranteed to make waves, but I don’t want to speculate until I get a chance to play. Expect a first impressions the day the patch hits.

Anyway, catch you all next week!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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