[Monday Magic] SGCBALT Breakdown

MY co,umn about Magic: The Gahtering

So my Dega Humans list went 1-4 before I dropped–for most that’s probably all you care about. My little brew experiment failed, except there’s more story here so stick around, would ya?

The worst thing isn’t that it utterly failed, but that it failed against the same deck three times. Rounds 1,2,3, and 4 were all GW Aggro/Humans builds. For those curious, 5th round was GB Exalted Zombies which wrecked me in a match up I should have won–so there’s something I need to figure out there. Looking back, I probably only won round 4 because my opponent missed two soldier token triggers, so I would say the deck is a total bust–except that I had changed it right before and I think that broke it. Not having Faithless looting was my undoing in 9/10 games. Anyway, the comprehensive coverage, though, to be honest, just about every game ended by turn four with a Sublime or Silverheart slam–if not earlier with Paladin+Smiter+Rancor–so I don’t blame you if you do want move on at this point.

Round 1- GW Aggro

Game One was a mull to five but ended up close. They swung for 4 on turn 2 and 6 on turn three. I matched with 2 and then nine on turn three with Champion and a Silverbladed Kruin Striker. Paladin came down with their Rancor’d Smiter for the win. Game two was grindy, but they won with a paired Sublime.

Round 2 – GW Aggro

Game one was a total loss. Ended up stuck on three mana with three Ash Zealots in my hand. Game two was another Rancor+Smiter+Silverblade affair

Round 3 – GW Aggro

Loss to paired Sublime, game one. Five Fiend Hunter shuffle game two, lose to Silerheart+Smiter+Rancor.

Round 4 – GW Aggro

Explosive game one. Parish, Kruin, Silverblade, Aristocrat like nothing’s ever gone wrong. Game two is three mana with Ash Zealots again. Game three is super close and we almost go to time, win with Aristocrat+Silverblade.

Round 5 – GB Zombies

Cathedral of War both games means I lose to Rancor+Diregraf Ghoul/Drag Mangler as Thalia, Ash Zealot, and Silvebalde wonder why they aren’t winning a match up heavily in their favor.

I probably could have kept playing, but after five games of: “Rancor. You lose.” there wasn’t much more I was going to get out of testing the deck as it was. So I hung out with rk post, Noah Bradley, and Cynthia Sheppard and  played support while Rei went 5-5 with the GB “Give No Fucks” deck I helped her put together. So I feel like the weekend was somewhat of a success in that one of my two bets on the meta worked out–and that I got a pile of swag.

At this point I’ve got a packet for my MFA due, so I’m not sure how much brewing I’ll get done but I do know that Ash Zealot is out and Faithless Looting is in. Falkenrath is still a solid win con but I will likely try to fit Burn at the Stake in somewhere and go for a more explosive early game and not rely on the Angel of Glory’s Rise combo for game one. Transforming into Reanimator out of the board would be pretty funny, but I’m not sure if it’s the #1 way to work the deck. I could always do the tokens route and play with Sorin, but that’s fart more suited to Esper. I’ve been told WUR humans are a thing and if I can’t make Dega work that might be a solution. Traft’s Angel token does buff Kruin so maybe there’s something there



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Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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