[Magic Mondays] RUG Rumblings

MY co,umn about Magic: The GahteringMade some tweaks to RUG flash and ended up breaking it. Sliding more out of green for a wider array of disruption screwed my draws. Worse yet, I never seemed to have the right disruption and that lost me the first match against Grixis Superfriends. Match two went oddly as planned and the deck performed flawlessly after board. Match three was…less desirable an outcome and I finished the night 1-2.


So lets look at what I goofed on then:

  • I took out Thragtusk. Many of you will cry about not playing ‘tusk when I’m playing green, but in all the games I lost he wouldn’t have been helpful and really Huntmaster does his job a little better in this set up.
  • I went with four Staticasters main and ended up not playing a single aggro deck. In otherwords: wasted space. Think they’ll be a three of in the board along with two Niteshade Peddlers.
  • I cut the Farseeks and without them I ended up at least twice with three forests, no Avenger and a hand full off U and R spells. Needs to get fixed and will be a auto include come Feb.
  • Aside from hoping that I disrupt enough to land an Avenger and then strike with Kessig, my only other Win-con is Thundermaw on the same window. Granted, yes, the dragon gets there, but right now they deck feels like bad control and not aggro-control. Maybe I need some Strangleroot in the Side for Control matchups or…I don’t even know.
  • I still feel like I should be aiming for EOT shenanigans to press my advantage, but Cackling Counterpart didn’t do the trick. Maybe Qurion Dryad is the solution since the disruption is all U and R, or Talrand that way the disruption does two things.
  • I do know I need more draw, I’m not hitting the things I need when I need them this would certainly make dryad or Talrand more desirable as a include so maybe I’ve got something here.

In other words it’s very likely that the path to victory might be more draw, synergy with such effects,  and a healthy dose of Bonfire. Realistically though, the whole build is gonna change in a few weeks. I won’t eveny be playing really since I’ll be in Maine for residency two of the Fridays between here and Gatecrash. Which, by the way, is looking awesome for me. If nothing else, the Gruul mechanic Bloodrush will boost the power level of the deck by giving me the choice to play creatures or use them as Giant Growths. I’m super excited for Evolve, but I don’t think it’ll fit here. I do know a certain Champion who would love to hang with Evolve though, esp if there’s some ramp involved. I’m gonna need so many copies of the Forest/Other shocks…

Anyway, as a heads up I’ll probably not be posting next week or the week after, seeing as I won’t be playing. So I will catch you all the week before ‘crash and we’ll talk brews!

4 weeks to the ‘crash! See you then!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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