[Magic Mondays] OMFG Gatecrash!

MY co,umn about Magic: The GahteringSo yeah, been gone (school and stuff), but you couldn’t keep me away today! Today is Full Spoil Day for Gatecrash.

I want to look at the cards that really struck me and next week I’ll go over a couple brews I want to test out once I’ve gotten to play a few rounds with the new recruits!

White: Murder Investigation

In a format full of creatures you’d rather not have get killed, Murder Investigation seems like a fun deterrent. Probably not constructed playable, but definitely fun in limited.

Blue: Spell Rupture

Mana Leak’s got a little brother who likes to play Aggro Control. Seems definitely Standard playable, esp in Bant Auras and my own RUG Flash.

Black: Crypt Ghast

Ramp in Black is always a fun thing. Really interested to see what happens with this guy

Red: Massive Raid

As someone who tries to put Burn At the Stake in every deck that runs red and Lots of creatures. This is a more reasonable substitute.

Green: Spire Tracer

Relevant creature type? Check. One One with “Essentially flying”? Check. G casting cost? Check. Result? LOVE THIS CARD!

Boros: Aurelia’s Fury

This card! OMFG this card! Can not ❤ enough!

Dimir: Nightveil Specter

I love Specters, they might be my favorite creature type behind Mongoose.

Gruul: Signal the Clans

Was going to say Zhur-Taa Swine here, but a Zoo tutor that’s playable in EDH as well is just too good to pass up mentioning

Orzhov: Immortal Servitude

The Anti Wrath. I expect to see it in most Zoo type builds, esp those with very specific mana curves.

Simic: Zameck Guildmage

What’s not to love? Recycle Undying creatures and draw cards or anthem everything that comes in for the turn. I can’t wait to build a deck around him.


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. Aurelia’s Fury is pretty strong. :O

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