[Magic Mondays] Ugh, this season…

MY co,umn about Magic: The GahteringI know, I know, I was just praising the format last week, but I had one hell of a week. Between deck testing at lunch and at my store’s Monday Night Standard, I’ve pretty much given up on making RUG work for the forseeable future. RDW/BDW and Gruul are more effective aggro plans, Jund is better at grinding and taking control of a game, and xUW Flash is better at well…Flash.

So I’ve got one deck brewing, the one I ended up playing last Friday: Supreme Ooze. It definitely needs some tweaks, but I think the Predator Ooze + Supreme Verdict synergy is worth looking into. Was using Zameck Guildmage and Ooze Flux to turn Undying back on for Young Wolf and Strangleroot Geist, but my 2 drop spot is really croweded so I may drop the guild mage in favor of another undying creature, possibly Stormbound Geist. Cathar’s crusade is definitely out though. I liked the improvised evolve mechanic, but it’s ultimately not worth it since I can’t fake people out into wasting removal on what seems to be an undying creature with a +1/+1 counter on it since the Remove a counter for ooze flux to make an ooze will resolve before the burn does meaning the +1/+1 counter goes right back. Maybe just run a couple more unsummons and simic charms and bounce the guildmage on their turn end and then verdict?

Anyway, I have another deck idea I want to play with RWB control. Why those colors and control? Well, I want to play Aurelia and she’s RW. Now, for six mana there’s three places she goes. In a midrange deck, in a reanimator deck, and in a control deck. Now, as a midrange threat, she’s kind of weak in comparison to Huntmaster, Thragtusk, and Restoration Angel and she’s probably too much for RUW flash to pay for. So that leaves reanimator and control. With Angel of Glory’s Rise and Humanimator being thing, maybe Aurelia is a worthwhile include, but honestly the deck doesn’t have much space that it isn’t using for the combo.  In a more conventional reanimator, there are better fatties to grab between Craterhoof and Griselbrand. Which leaves control as the last place she can feasibly be played.

So what combinations can we play?

  • Boros Control — with Blind Obedience this seems like it could be a possibility, but there’s not really a method of gaining card advantage
  • RWU — Just no, Flash is a better build
  • RWG (Naya) — Again, no. Aggro and Midrange is where Naya is king
  • Which leaves RWB. So what’ve we got?
  • Well…how about some super effective flyers to attack with?
    • Desecration Demon
    • Olivia Voldaren
    • Vampire Nighthawk
    • Thundermaw Hellkite
    • Restoration Angel
  • And some solid sweepers
    • Rolling Temblor
    • Bonfire of the Damned
    • Mizzium Mortars
    • Magmaquake
    • Merciless Eviction
    • Divine Reckoning
    • Terminus
    • Killing Wave
  • Great Burn
    • Skullcrack
    • Boros Charm
    • Searing Spear
  • And all the removal, ever
    • Dreadbore
    • Pillar of Flame
    • Searing Spear
    • Mizzium Mortars
    • Tragic Slip
    • Devour Flesh
    • Ulitmate Price
    • Human Frailty
    • Victim of the Night
    • Angelic Edict
    • Murder
    • Tribute to Hunger
    • Barter in Blood
    • Killing Glare
    • Death Wind
    • Orzhov Charm

“So why not play Jund then? This seems like you’re just trying to do something different for the sake of difference. In fact, this is worse than Jund or Naya because no Farseek, Huntmaster, or Thragtusk.”

Because while those lists above are available to each they’re tied to Green and thus Thrag and Huntmaster, they can not get away from them lest they be overrun by the Aggro decks. With Extort and Nighthawk we’ve got most of the lifegain we need and Tribute to hunger isn’t a bad backup tune–and we can always side in Faithmender.


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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  1. I went 1-2 on Friday with RW Humans (was lacking cards like Skull Crack and Boros Charm), and 0-3 on Monday with UB Zombie mill control. Both are fun decks to play, but you’re right. GR beatdown and Naya aggro are king. The only way you can beat them is with insane amounts of removal, or making a deck that’s even faster than they are. This could mean GW midrange with tons of ramp (and Faithmenders/Blind Obedience in the side), or Burn decks that hit fast and hard with minimal mana and tons of spells. I think RDW, Boros red, BR Zombies, and GB ZOmbies are in good positions right now in the metagame. NOthing is scarier than a Gravecrawler turn 2 with a Rancor on it.

    • Played a WB shell last night and did pretty good. It needs some punch though…Prolly 3 obzedat and the infinte drain combo as a back up

      • Exquisite Blood/Vizkopa Guildmage?

      • Yup. I felt clever for like…point two seconds and then realized it was already a well established combo. Still, it hasn’t won yet so there’s still plenty to solve about it–and that’s enough for me

      • I killed somebody with him with an infinite life/drain combo. Did it just like my old GW life gain deck. Seraph Sanctuary+Resto Angel + 2 Fiend Hunter. Still lacking all of the dual lands for a WB deck though. Otherwise I’d turn that into a real deck.

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