[Magic Mondays] A Delayed GP

MY co,umn about Magic: The GahteringThere was supposed to be a post for Charlotte last week, but instead I finished a draft of my third semester project for my MFA. I’ll remedy that now though before heading off to AWP.

Oh mine guttes! GP Charlotte…

Friday  Getting there

Leading up to the weekend I was suffering from one heck of a head cold, but I’d lived through worse and, as always, paid the illness no mind. Left on Friday around noon after picking up a couple of other players from The Pillage. The route we drove took us down 81, through the mountains. Had I know what I do know, I would have suggested 95 a bit more strongly. Thirty minutes into the drive, just past Front Royal, I felt like my head was being stuffed with cotton while also being clamped down on. Right after, my hearing went all wonky and I developed quite the headache. This is the state I played in all weekend–and that very well might be a major contributing factor to my subpar GP experience.

We got to Charlotte just after six, just enough time to check in to the hotel and get to the hall for Foiled Again.

Friday – Foiled Again

In my mind a super-sized FNM , there were about 250 people playing Standard, where playing got you an FNM promo and each round you won garnered another. Played Life Bomb after managing to find the last two Sorin’s I needed for the deck. Match One, I drew with UWr Tempo after assembling the combo game one and losing game two. That put my win by combo count to two out of nearly 20 games at that point. Not a good sign, but I’ll get to that later.


Even so, my other two matches were pretty solid outings with Obzedat/Sorin wins. I lost to RDW in the final round to end 2-1-1 after running over to register for the next day. I couldn’t hear shit with the noise from the grinders going on by the main event stage, but eventually the judge and I synced up and I got signed up.

Though I was a bit sad that my 2-1-1 finish meant I only got three foils, I finally have a playset of FNM Gitaxian Probes now and the pack I got for being top 64 had a Domri in it. This was the high point of the weekend, if I’m honest.

Saturday – Main Event

Showed up at 930 expecting to get rolling at ten, but instead Rei and I found ourselves wading through a line the snaked throughout the hall and went out the door. When I had signed up last night, there were already about two thousand people pre-registered and there had to be another thousand standing around to get in. This was not a good sign. Mercifully, my hearing was still off so the din was more of a muffled buzz than anything.

An hour passed. Two. We still weren’t seated for the player meeting. Finally seating goes up and…I’m not on the sheet. So I stand in line at the event stage, with a considerable number of others, until the scorekeeper and I figure out that I had been signed up as Culley and not Gulley. Which of course begs the question: what’s the point of our DCI number if it doesn’t automatically populate such a simple thing? Anyway, I’m the last person to sit down at the table for the meeting, so I have less than no space. Irritated, I crack packs, register the pool, and pass it on. the pool I got was decent, though it was obviously not day two material. Still, my goal was only to make it past the third round x-1 and I figured the list would at least be able to make a good showing in that regard. I had a pair of Hands of Binding and three Deathcult Rogue along with a host of White, Blue, and Black removal and fixing, the deck was consistent, if nothing else. I was starting to feel a bit better about the day.

While the player meeting was going on, they had split the event into two brackets. I ended up in white and as luck would have it, no sooner had I gotten to my seat from Round One, did something go wrong. DCIR crashed and lost the pairings. So we had to be repaired which meant fighting through a mass of players that would typically be a GP all on their own. This of course meant that the error with my name had been fixed. Though be cause it was logistically impossible to tell me, I didn’t realize until after I had fought up to the ‘A-C’ board and not found Culley. Getting out and then finding ‘G-I’ left me with only a couple of minutes before the the round started. I rush to my table, only to not be able to take my seat. To my left was an individual who took up a space and a half. I ended up sitting around the guy to my right, though still a foot from the table, just to get going.

Needless to say, round one was a disaster.

I was already on a tilt after all the delays and hiccups and not being able to fucking sit at the table to play Magic and the guy I’m playing was either painfully new to the game or was being a massive tool. He was playing what seemed like a sixty card pile. His sleeves were all over the place in terms of directions, and I thought about calling a judge on it, but I just wanted to fucking play. So I cut his deck, lost the roll and proceeded to lose to answer after answer. From his lands, he had to be playing all five colors, something he confirmed after the game. I figured the first game was a fluke and shuffled up for game two. This was much closer, but still he always had an answer on time and won out with a timely Holy Mantle.

I told him to fix his sleeves, signed the slip, and got up. I consider it a monumental achievement to have not flipped the table in doing so.

Went out, got some air and came back in fro round two. Only to be paired against the Nuts Boros minus one. I still can’t figure how a deck with Reckoner, Medic, and Legionare was even in  the x-1 bracket. What the hell did he lose to? Needless to say, I was pretty much done. 0-2, pounding headache, and it was already after 5. I promptly dropped and got some art.

Saturday – Side Event

Not even sure if this is worth mentioning. The first game was an utter stomp, as was the second. The kid I was playing always had two Zhur-ta Swine and each game ended before turn four. Went and got dinner shortly after.

Sunday – Side Event

Did some shopping, picked up stuff for Splinter Twin, Zoo, and Hive Mind. Did a draft with Rei and some friends. We were over half the pool and the draft was a riot. I soaked up Esper cards and came away with a deck that was pretty brutal on paper. Game one I milled the guy out, game two was a Shadow Slice kill. Played Rei in round two. Rolled her game one, she never got going. Game two I was totally mana screwed instead. Game three…well Game Three is the reason I play Magic.

He’re the last couple of turns. I land a Cartel Aristocrat, I’ve got two Deathcult Rogues out, one with a Ciphered copy of Hands of Binding, and a Slate Street Ruffian. She’s got a Ceratok, and a decent number of guys. I swing in and tap down the Ceratok, leaving her with a Snapjaw which hasn’t evolved and a Cloudfin Raptor that isn’t leathal. I pass the turn back, sure that I can block the Snapjaw and then crack back for the win. She untaps and casts Unexpected Results. most of her deck is in the graveyard, but there’s at least one creature left, a Clinging Anemones. She has to flip that to win.

She shuffles up, I cut, and then…

Anemones. Snapjaw evolves and she swings for twice lethal. We’re both rolling with laughter at this point. The whole weekend came down to a 1/4 defender.

She lost the final to a guy who had a suspiciously high number of extort guys and then we went home.

The Monday After — Skipped to Sleep

Our store does Monday Night Standard, but after the GP we were both a bit Magic’d out and passed on going over–especially with projects looming for both of us.

Last Friday — Death of Life Bomb

So we come to last Friday and that went…poorly to say the least. Coming off of a disappointing GP and a frantically finished first draft on the attributes of anti-heroes, I came into Friday wanting to just relax and combo a couple of times. Almost did it game one, but a miscounting of mana, put Obzedat back in my hand and after that, the deck sulked.

Match two was against Humanimator. I won game one pretty quickly, game two took nearly the whole fifty as we both kept digging for combo pieces and I kept killing her Griselbrand. Finally she hit the Angel and my two draws weren’t my own combo pieces. Game three might have been a win, but we went to turns with no conclusion.

My match three opponent was someone I had played with earlier that night and didn’t really feel like playing against BUG control again after losing to Tamiyo Ult twice. No sooner did I get home that Life Bomb was broken up and I went back to tuning RUG.

Last Monday — Return of the Rogue

I’m playing a variation of my original RUG build, this time focusing on Wolf Run and creatures that can grow in combat. It’s still tuning but I went 2-1 Monday Night. There are four cards in the board I’m not too certain about. Right now it’s two Curse of Echoes and two Counterflux, but I can’t decide if I want more consistent Aggression I can board in, like four Hellrider or something; more control pieces, like Garruk, Primal Hunter; or more tempo pieces like Mugging, Pillar, or Skullcrack.

Anyway, this is waaay to long at this point. So I’ll catch you all next week. Hopefully back on time–though with me being at AWP, I may very well not have anything to report.

-til next time!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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