[Magic Mondays]Scrubbing out in DC

MY co,umn about Magic: The GahteringWell, I say scrubbing out, but I was statistically in contention for money pretty much the whole day until I lost in round 7. Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever done at a large event and, in the abstract, I’m overall pleased with 3-5. Really though, I’m still quite sad. Looking back on my play, there are numerous places where I could have done better. Deck wise, the Spicy Raka build was right on for most of its matches, but not having Boros Reckoners to side in against aggro was a pretty big issue. Had I the four of, two of my losses to aggro could very well have been wins. I also missed a Pillar of Flame interaction with Doomed Traveler that likely cost me Round 1 game 1 against Esper Spirits.

But that’s last week. Let’s talk this week.

First off, this deck happened and as a wedge player I can only say it’s about time.

Main Deck
60 cards
15 Cards
4 Blood Crypt
3 Clifftop Retreat
4 Dragonskull Summit
4 Godless Shrine
4 Isolated Chapel
2 Mountain
3 Sacred Foundry
2 Vault of the Archangel

2 Aurelia, the Warleader
4 Boros Reckoner
2 Falkenrath Aristocrat
2 Obzedat, Ghost Council
1 Olivia Voldaren

1 Blasphemous Act
3 Dreadbore
4 Faithless Looting
4 Lingering Souls
3 Mizzium Mortars
1 Rakdos’s Return
3 Tragic Slip
2 Unburial Rites

2 Liliana of the Veil

1 Blasphemous Act
1 Dreadbore
2 Gloom Surgeon
2 Liliana of the Veil
1 Mizzium Mortars
2 Purify the Grave
3 Rakdos’s Return
1 Rolling Temblor
1 Tormod’s Crypt
1 Unburial Rites

I’m not 100% on the Sideboard, I feel like 4/75 cards being Rakdos’s Return is a bit much, esp. with 4 Liliana of the Veil as well. I’m probably going to run a package that’s more like the following to be better matched up against things like Reanimator, PSZ Bant, or Flash, where I’m just dead if the resolve an Angel of Serenity for value.

3 Ultimate Price
1 Dreadbore
2 High Priest of Penance
2 Liliana of the Veil
1 Mizzium Mortars
2 Purify the Grave
1 Rakdos’s Return
2 Rakdos Charm
1 Unburial Rites

Ultimate Price, Purify the Grave, and Rakdos Charm each allow me to respond at instant speed to either their reanimation or Zanganna and Angel of Serenity’s ETB triggers. I won’t catch everyone, but there are definitely times where I’ll get things exiled permanently off an Angel or make them draw one card off Zaganna.

Going to be playing the above build this weekend and will report back on how it does. Not sure If I’m playing over at the Pillage or down at Kaboom in Va Beach, but I’m sure to be having a blast either way with my second favorite color combo behind RUG.

Speaking of RUG, RUG Flash finally put up some tournament results with a top 16 finish at SCGKC. The build is pretty much what I was running pre-GTC with Yeva and Huntmaster doing most of the heavy lifting. Should this Dega build not work out, it’s likely I’ll go back to that. Aggro-Control is my main skillset and these two builds are right in that wheelhouse.

Anyway, ’til next week!


About Trevor Gulley

Trevor Gulley is a writer, cartoonist, and gamer. He works full time in the IT industry and judges Magic most weekends.

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