High Mage Synopsis


High Mage is a fantasy novel that I’ve been working on for some time. The biggest thing to remember about the Magian setting is that each person has a unique spell, called an Ebb. For some, that’s probably a bit reminiscent of Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels’ one spell per person rule. Except that, in Xanth, a person’s spell was somewhat random in both strength and affinity. In Magian, an Ebb is reflective of how people connect to the world. So a person’s Ebb could grow stronger, or even change, over the course of their life. Of course, with Ebb there must also be Flow. Where as Ebb is based on personality, Flow comes from connections to others and from memories. For most, Flow is simply an outlet for regaining stamina—many don’t even know that they are using it. However, there are some who can use Flow to casts spells which are different than their Ebb.

The dissonance from people making an impression with Ebb and the harmony created from Flow’s unity work together to create Current. The Current, for those aware of it, can warn impending danger, betrays the mood of those around them, or even hints at coming fortune. In a way, I suppose its just The Force, but with how Ebb and Flow work together, I’d like believe its more than that.

Anyway, this story is about a young man named Mortavia Rex. He is a mage with an Ebb that allows him to control his own energy and shape it. Before the start of the novel, his parents–Mortavia Cerra and Mardin Tel’sin–lead a rebellion against the then High Mage Tar-Neil for crimes against for the Shay Republic and the Ender tribes. Cerra was selected as High Mage for her mastery over Flow, and for a while peace settled over the continent. Rex and the other principle cast members were born during this lull. In Rex’s 16th year, an empire from across the sea attacked seeking the secrets to magic. Forced into service, Rex and his friends defended the capital city of the Shay Republic until reinforcements could arrive from Magian City.

The novel starts shortly after the conclusion of that war, opening with the assassination of Rex’s mother by Gar-Neil. Gar-Neil was raised by his deposed grandfather with the belief that the position of High Mage is a right of the Neil clan. However, instead of Gar-Neil, Rex is chosen to be the next High Mage. As the new head of state for Magian, he goes north with his mother’s body so that she can be buried in her homeland of Nortan. It is then that Gar-Neil takes matters into his own hands and attacks with his Brigadiers on the plains before Enthi. Mardin and Ger-Neil fight, with Gar-Neil as the victor. Rex loses control of Flow and goes berserk as his Ebb runs out of control. Waking later, he is faced with a city sized crater burned into the tundra. He believes himself to be responsible and flees into the Tarbh mountains. When no survivors are found, many believe Rex is dead. Gar-Neil is named High Mage.

These chapters are about half way through the novel. Rex has just left the western country of Farenheim and is heading south to the Shay Republic to investigate rumors that an entire city on The Far Coast vanished in the same way Enthi had. This comes on the heels of finding out that the Loh Brigade had beseiged Farhen towns and had attacked Fayholme. On top of that, the Brigade had somehow stolen magic from the Fay, creating fearsome Augmented soldiers. Faster and stronger, these soldiers could use not only their own Ebb but can also ones that they had stolen. It seemed that Gar-Neil’s ambitions were far more reaching than just High Mage and that was only the beginning…


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