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[Community Calendar] Regional Calendar Links


Hi all!

I’ve been busy for the last couple of hours getting the regional calendars to talk to the master calendar which will push event postings to @CMTYCalendarMTG. They’re still mostly empty as the process is labor intensive but, if you want to subscribe to the regional calendars, their links for Google Calendar are below. If you would like the RSS Feed or iCal information shoot me a comment below or a tweet @darkr3x.

West Coast Calendar:
Southern Calendar:
South East Calendar:
Mid-Atlantic Calendar:
North East Calendar:
Rust Belt Calendar:
MidWest Calendar:
Master Calendar(all events in all regions):

I’m working on loading in the major events, but if your store is holding a community event let me know here or on twitter. If your LGS has a twitter, also let me know so I can follow them!

Until next time!


[Wednesday Ramblings — Feedback] How do I Community?

Check out all my RamblingsSeriously, what can I do to get out there as part of the community?

Does anyone want to do a post cast every so couple of weeks about Magic or Gaming or What Have You?

Do I need to get more serious about the Webcomic? Does anybody care about a  drama with midgrade art?

What can I do here on the blog to have more impact? What am I doing well, what am I failing at?

Do you know of any places that are interested in infrequent columnists? I don’t need a regular job right now, but I do need to get my name out there, so if you hear about any guest spots, let me know?

Beyond those musings, not much to report. Life is meh, the writing goes, and I don’t have enough hours in the day. Still, I want to do something creative with my life instead of just sitting at a desk, chasing a project with an endlessly moving target state. As such, I’m brushing up on my HTML, I’m going to start drawing again, I’m going to finish a story this year, and I’ll likely sleep about five hours a day to get it all done, but that’s what I’ve got to do to get out of where I am. The conventional route of plying experience to get a new job seems disinterested in my attempts to use it and so I will set out on my own and harness what creative talents I have to sail on.

Catch you Friday!

Adventures In Podcasting

Sweet, I’ve been waiting for this!

Overthinking It

Even after graduating earlier this month, the Stonecoast MFA Program stays on my mind (I will undoubtedly write more posts about Stonecoast in the coming weeks, now that it’s over for me). It was a realm of firsts for me. My first flight somewhere by myself. My first trip to New England. My first taste of salmon. My first drink of red wine. My first time working with mentors who were experienced in the fields in which I wanted to write. Every residency inevitably led to a valuable first-time experience for me.

Even in my graduating residency, Stonecoast still had a few more firsts for me. Case in point: my first podcast.

In the first half of the residency, I worked as a teaching apprentice/assistant for Nancy Holder with her workshop. Quite the packed room, with ten bodies in there besides Nancy and me. One of those bodies belonged to

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Suddenly Stonecoast!

Back from my first residency up at USM’s Stonecoast MFA and I’ve got some stories to tell.

First though, some pitching. I just want to say that for anyone who writes and wants to get better (in the pursuit of being published) an MFA program is a good step to take. Not necessarily because it will magically make you a better writer (only writing can do that), but because interacting with others, both in and outside of your genre, gives you a new perspective on your work. The deadlines don’t hurt either.

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