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[Wednesday Ramblings — Feedback] How do I Community?

Check out all my RamblingsSeriously, what can I do to get out there as part of the community?

Does anyone want to do a post cast every so couple of weeks about Magic or Gaming or What Have You?

Do I need to get more serious about the Webcomic? Does anybody care about a  drama with midgrade art?

What can I do here on the blog to have more impact? What am I doing well, what am I failing at?

Do you know of any places that are interested in infrequent columnists? I don’t need a regular job right now, but I do need to get my name out there, so if you hear about any guest spots, let me know?

Beyond those musings, not much to report. Life is meh, the writing goes, and I don’t have enough hours in the day. Still, I want to do something creative with my life instead of just sitting at a desk, chasing a project with an endlessly moving target state. As such, I’m brushing up on my HTML, I’m going to start drawing again, I’m going to finish a story this year, and I’ll likely sleep about five hours a day to get it all done, but that’s what I’ve got to do to get out of where I am. The conventional route of plying experience to get a new job seems disinterested in my attempts to use it and so I will set out on my own and harness what creative talents I have to sail on.

Catch you Friday!


[Wednesday Ramblings] High Powered Money

Check out all my Ramblings

Its been a pretty big topic in the mainstream, on the internet recently in particular, about how much some sections of the job market make, but I’m not going to get into the politics about it. I’ve got a more writerly question, one of motivation. Once you’re making multi-millions a year, what do you do with that money and why does one keep on going? As someone who makes about 30k a year, I just can’t grasp why you would need all that money–I can grasp why you would WANT all that money, but the need is another thing–and from the way companies gobble each other up like Oroboros at a eating contest, you’d think it was a need.

I guess really its probably the same as why non-gamers look askance at our achievement points or the even more ancient climb to the coveted first place on the local arcade cabinet. In essence, people at that level use money and companies to keep score and I just don’t understand. Except, its like gamer score is worth anything other than a larger e-peen and its not like me earning achievements makes it impossible for someone else to get it as well. Sorry, getting political.

Even so, I do wonder about motivation, what keeps multi-millionares in the game instead of dropping half their worth into investments and then living off the interest? Isn’t the highest display of business success doing nothing and still getting paid? Do people just get used to a slowly escalating manner of living such that they can’t do anything else but keep swimming, ending up victims of societal pressure just like the rest of us? Or are they addicts, caught up on the chase of higher highs? I just don’t get it and probably never will…

On another note, I’ve got a story idea I’ll probably outline here in a sec.