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Adventures In Podcasting

Sweet, I’ve been waiting for this!

Overthinking It

Even after graduating earlier this month, the Stonecoast MFA Program stays on my mind (I will undoubtedly write more posts about Stonecoast in the coming weeks, now that it’s over for me). It was a realm of firsts for me. My first flight somewhere by myself. My first trip to New England. My first taste of salmon. My first drink of red wine. My first time working with mentors who were experienced in the fields in which I wanted to write. Every residency inevitably led to a valuable first-time experience for me.

Even in my graduating residency, Stonecoast still had a few more firsts for me. Case in point: my first podcast.

In the first half of the residency, I worked as a teaching apprentice/assistant for Nancy Holder with her workshop. Quite the packed room, with ten bodies in there besides Nancy and me. One of those bodies belonged to

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