FourFold is the code name for a fantasy novel setting that I’ve been working on for some time, with Rebirth being the title of the first book (in a series).

The biggest thing to remember about the setting is that each person has a unique spell, called an Ebb. For some, that’s probably a bit reminiscent of Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels’ one spell per person. Except that, in Xanth, a person’s spell was somewhat random in both strength and affinity. In Magian, an Ebb is reflective of how people connect to the world.  So a person’s Ebb could grow stronger, or even change, over the course of their life. Of course, with Ebb there must also be Flow. Whereas Ebb is based on personality, Flow comes from connections to others and from memories. For most, Flow is simply an outlet for regaining stamina—many don’t even know that they are using it. However, there are some who can use Flow to casts spells which are different than their Ebb.  The dissonance from people making an impression with Ebb and the harmony created from Flow’s unity work together to create Current. The Current, for those aware of it, can warn impending danger, betrays the mood of those around them, or even hints at coming fortune. In a way, I suppose its just The Force, but with how Ebb and Flow work together, I’d like believe its more than that.


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