The Cases of Tangora Del’Tessa

A dry humor powered mystery/urban fantasy series that’s part Scooby Doo, part Sherlock, and part Daria. I’ve currently got a two novellas outlined and one short story drafted. It takes place in River City, which is a shameless copy of Richmond, where I went to college.


  • Tangora Del’Tessa – Just Tess Please. A brainy, gothy, writer of political thrillers. She enrolled at River City University for its high ranking undergraduate creative writing program. Is from Northern Va. Has spider ancestry that shows in her extra eyes and pointed ears. Sleight and tall, Tess looks the part of ghost hunter mystery solver in her long coat and face obscuring bangs.
  • Kao Folsmith – Grew up in River City and was the star of the citadel Hill High track team, she’s at River City U on an athletic scholarship and is on the US Olympic team. Studying to be a psycologist to help people deal with depression. Her parents are Australian and she carries the accent with pride. Trains in Muai Thai. Has ‘roo ancestry that shows in her long floppy ears, tail, and characteristic feet.


  • A Fateful Study – Novella. WIP. Tess transfers into RCU and meets her dormmate. A specter attacks students giving them the choice to drop out or die.
  • Unnamed – Novella. WIP. Kao and Tess go on a road trip to see a music festival. Am electric poltergeist shows up and ruins the concert.
  • The Haunting at 29th and Q – Shorty Story. Drafted. A Civil War ghost causes havoc for a university dig at an old Confederate hold out.

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